Dreaming, in paperback

February 23, 2010

Peter Anderson, founder of Shearwater Pottery

Have been working away on another book– so far, all research and note-taking. Hope to begin writing soon, after one last research trip, to Puerto Rico in March.

A pleasure to see Dreaming in Clay in the catalogue of University Press of Mississippi. Nothing but good experiences there. First with Seetha Srinivasan, who challenged me to improve my biography of Walter Anderson, and who defended the book –judiciously, firmly– when someone raised objections to its publication (the story is told in the book); and now with UPM’s new director, Leila Salisbury, who welcomed the idea of reprinting  our book on Shearwater.  This is a paperback edition and e-book, with a brief introductory note and a few new photographs.  Useful, I hope, because the edition published by Doubleday over a decade ago has long been out of print.

Other welcome news. Leigh Coleman, who writes for the Sun Herald, is about to publish an article on Oldfields.  Will post the link when it appears.  Oldfields is marginal to the story of Shearwater, but it was everything to Patricia Grinstead Anderson, who was the soul of the Pottery, to her sister Agnes, and, at a certain time in his life,  to Walter Anderson.


2 Responses to “Dreaming, in paperback”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Hooray for the paperback and e-version. That means more people will read it, I’m sure, and I’m always happy for people to read it. I still have my hardback copy. It came with me in the car on the move from Houston to Portland, so I didn’t lose it or let it go. You tease us with hints of a new book. Be sure to announce it when it’s cooked.

  2. Thanks, dear Kendall, to have made that trip is an honor!

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